Chhatisgarh Express (18238)
Runs between: Amritsar Jn. to Bilaspur Jn.

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Amritsar Jn.
1Amritsar Jn (ASR)Source04:10 PMSource0 KMs
2Jandiala (JNL)04:25 PM04:27 PM2 Mins18 KMs
3Beas (BEAS)04:45 PM04:47 PM2 Mins42 KMs
4Kartarpur (KRE)05:08 PM05:10 PM2 Mins63 KMs
5Jalandhar City (JUC)05:30 PM05:35 PM5 Mins78 KMs
6Jalandhar Cant (JRC)05:44 PM05:46 PM2 Mins83 KMs
7Phagwara Jn (PGW)05:59 PM06:01 PM2 Mins99 KMs
8Goraya (GRY)06:16 PM06:18 PM2 Mins109 KMs
9Phillaur Jn (PHR)06:46 PM06:48 PM2 Mins122 KMs
10Ludhiana Jn (LDH)07:15 PM07:25 PM10 Mins135 KMs
11Sanahwal (SNL)07:56 PM07:58 PM2 Mins150 KMs
12Doraha (DOA)08:07 PM08:08 PM1 Mins157 KMs
13Chawapall (CHA)08:18 PM08:20 PM2 Mins167 KMs
14Khanna (KNN)08:30 PM08:32 PM2 Mins177 KMs
15Govindgarh (GVG)08:41 PM08:43 PM2 Mins186 KMs
16Sirhind Jn (SIR)08:55 PM08:57 PM2 Mins195 KMs
17Rajpura Jn (RPJ)09:20 PM09:22 PM2 Mins221 KMs
18Ambala City (UBC)09:45 PM09:46 PM1 Mins241 KMs
19Ambala Cant Jn (UMB)10:08 PM10:20 PM12 Mins249 KMs
20Barara (RAA)10:42 PM10:44 PM2 Mins273 KMs
21Jagadhri Wshop (JUDW)11:02 PM11:04 PM2 Mins295 KMs
22 (JUD)11:11 PM11:13 PM Mins300 KMs
23Yamunanagar Jud (YJUD)11:11 PM11:14 PM2 Mins300 KMs
24Saharanpur (SRE)12:05 AM12:15 AM10 Mins330 KMs
25Deoband (DBD)12:45 AM12:47 AM2 Mins364 KMs
26Muzaffarnagar (MOZ)01:06 AM01:08 AM2 Mins388 KMs
27Khatauli (KAT)01:28 AM01:34 AM2 Mins410 KMs
28Daurala (DRLA)01:48 AM01:50 AM2 Mins427 KMs
29Meerut Cant (MUT)02:01 AM02:03 AM2 Mins439 KMs
30Meerut City (MTC)02:10 AM02:15 AM5 Mins443 KMs
31Modinagar (MDNR)02:33 AM02:35 AM2 Mins463 KMs
32Guldhar (GUH)02:49 AM02:51 AM2 Mins481 KMs
33Ghaziabad (GZB)03:23 AM03:25 AM2 Mins491 KMs
34Sahibabad (SBB)03:36 AM03:38 AM2 Mins497 KMs
35H Nizamuddin (NZM)04:10 AM04:40 AM15 Mins518 KMs
36Ballabgarh (BVH)05:11 AM05:13 AM2 Mins547 KMs
37Palwal (PWL)05:43 AM05:45 AM2 Mins568 KMs
38Kosi Kalan (KSV)06:13 AM06:15 AM2 Mins611 KMs
39Chata (CHJ)06:26 AM06:28 AM2 Mins621 KMs
40Mathura Jn (MTJ)06:55 AM07:00 AM5 Mins652 KMs
41Raja Ki Mandi (RKM)07:48 AM07:50 AM2 Mins702 KMs
42Agra Cantt (AGC)08:12 AM08:20 AM5 Mins705 KMs
43Dhaulpur (DHO)09:10 AM09:15 AM5 Mins758 KMs
44Morena (MRA)09:48 AM09:50 AM2 Mins785 KMs
45Banmor (BAO)10:06 AM10:08 AM2 Mins805 KMs
46Gwalior (GWL)10:45 AM10:50 AM5 Mins824 KMs
47Dabra (DBA)11:30 AM11:32 AM2 Mins866 KMs
48Sonagir (SOR)11:50 AM11:52 AM2 Mins885 KMs
49Datia (DAA)12:15 PM12:17 PM2 Mins896 KMs
50Jhansi Jn (JHS)01:10 PM01:20 PM10 Mins921 KMs
51Babina (BAB)01:45 PM01:47 PM2 Mins945 KMs
52Basai (BZY)02:03 PM02:05 PM2 Mins957 KMs
53Talbahat (TBT)02:18 PM02:20 PM2 Mins970 KMs
54Lalitpur (LAR)02:40 PM02:42 PM2 Mins1010 KMs
55Jakhalaun (JLN)02:53 PM02:55 PM2 Mins1026 KMs
56Dhaura (DUA)03:10 PM03:12 PM2 Mins1038 KMs
57Bina Jn (BINA)04:35 PM04:40 PM5 Mins1072 KMs
58Mandi Bamora (MABA)04:55 PM04:57 PM1 Mins1090 KMs
59Ganj Basoda (BAQ)05:19 PM05:21 PM2 Mins1118 KMs
60Vidisha (BHS)05:49 PM05:51 PM2 Mins1157 KMs
61Bhopal Jn (BPL)06:40 PM06:45 PM5 Mins1211 KMs
62Habibganj (HBJ)06:55 PM06:57 PM2 Mins1217 KMs
63Obaidulla Ganj (ODG)07:20 PM07:22 PM2 Mins1246 KMs
64Hoshangabad (HBD)08:30 PM08:32 PM2 Mins1285 KMs
65Itarsi Jn (ET)09:05 PM09:15 PM10 Mins1302 KMs
66Ghoradongri (GDYA)10:17 PM10:19 PM2 Mins1372 KMs
67Betul (BZU)11:02 PM11:05 PM3 Mins1409 KMs
68Amla Jn (AMLA)11:35 PM12:10 AM95 Mins1432 KMs
69Multai (MTY)12:24 AM12:26 AM2 Mins1455 KMs
70Pandhurna (PAR)01:08 AM01:10 AM2 Mins1496 KMs
71Narkher (NRKR)01:23 AM01:25 AM2 Mins1514 KMs
72Katol (KATL)01:48 AM01:50 AM2 Mins1539 KMs
73Nagpur (NGP)03:30 AM03:55 AM25 Mins1599 KMs
74Kamptee (KP)04:13 AM04:15 AM2 Mins1613 KMs
75Bhandara Road (BRD)04:45 AM04:47 AM2 Mins1661 KMs
76Tumsar Road (TMR)05:01 AM05:03 AM2 Mins1679 KMs
77Tirora (TRO)05:18 AM05:20 AM2 Mins1700 KMs
78Gondia Jn (G)05:51 AM05:56 AM5 Mins1729 KMs
79Amgaon (AGN)06:10 AM06:12 AM2 Mins1752 KMs
80Salekasa (SKS)06:23 AM06:25 AM2 Mins1767 KMs
81Dongargarh (DGG)07:03 AM07:05 AM2 Mins1802 KMs
82Raj Nandgaon (RJN)07:35 AM07:40 AM5 Mins1834 KMs
83Durg (DURG)08:40 AM08:55 AM15 Mins1863 KMs
84Bhilai Pwr Hs (BPHB)09:06 AM09:08 AM1 Mins1872 KMs
85Raipur Jn (R)09:45 AM09:55 AM10 Mins1900 KMs
86Tilda (TLD)10:30 AM10:32 AM2 Mins1938 KMs
87Hathbandh (HN)10:43 AM10:45 AM2 Mins1948 KMs
88Bhatapara (BYT)11:00 AM11:02 AM2 Mins1964 KMs
89Belha (BYL)11:32 AM11:34 AM2 Mins1994 KMs
90Bilaspur Jn (BSP)12:20 PMDestinationDestination2010 KMs
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