Jat Muri Rou Express (18110)
Runs between: Jammu Tawi to Rourkela

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Jammu Tawi
1 (JAT)Source02:30 PMSource0 KMs
2 (MURI)12:00 AM08:10 AM Mins0 KMs
3 (SMBX)03:00 PM03:02 PM Mins32 KMs
4 (HRNR)03:16 PM03:18 PM Mins47 KMs
5 (TIS)09:09 AM09:10 AM Mins54 KMs
6 (NKM)09:19 AM09:20 AM Mins60 KMs
7 (RNC)09:35 AM09:45 AM Mins65 KMs
8 (HTE)10:05 AM10:15 AM Mins71 KMs
9 (KTHU)03:45 PM03:47 PM Mins76 KMs
10 (PTK)04:25 PM04:45 PM Mins99 KMs
11 (GBX)10:49 AM10:50 AM Mins113 KMs
12 (DNN)05:23 PM05:25 PM Mins123 KMs
13 (PKF)11:12 AM11:13 AM Mins133 KMs
14 (GSP)05:39 PM05:41 PM Mins135 KMs
15 (DHW)05:53 PM05:55 PM Mins148 KMs
16 (BANO)11:39 AM11:40 AM Mins164 KMs
17 (BAT)06:13 PM06:15 PM Mins167 KMs
18 (ORGA)12:59 PM01:00 PM Mins200 KMs
19 (ASR)07:10 PM07:35 PM Mins206 KMs
20 (JNL)07:50 PM07:52 PM Mins225 KMs
21 (ROU)02:05 PMDestinationDestination235 KMs
22 (BEAS)08:10 PM08:12 PM Mins248 KMs
23 (GP)03:05 PM03:07 PM Mins265 KMs
24 (JUC)08:42 PM08:50 PM Mins285 KMs
25 (JRC)09:04 PM09:06 PM Mins289 KMs
26 (BMB)03:38 PM03:40 PM Mins300 KMs
27 (PGW)09:21 PM09:23 PM Mins306 KMs
28 (PHR)09:41 PM09:43 PM Mins328 KMs
29 (JSG)04:30 PM04:40 PM Mins336 KMs
30 (LDH)09:55 PM10:05 PM Mins341 KMs
31 (SBP)05:45 PM12:00 AM Mins385 KMs
32 (RPJ)11:39 PM11:40 PM Mins427 KMs
33 (UBC)12:06 AM12:08 AM Mins448 KMs
34 (UMB)12:30 AM12:40 AM Mins455 KMs
35 (SHDM)12:59 AM01:01 AM Mins475 KMs
36 (KKDE)01:24 AM01:26 AM Mins497 KMs
37 (KUN)02:05 AM02:07 AM Mins530 KMs
38 (PNP)02:48 AM02:50 AM Mins564 KMs
39 (SNP)03:23 AM03:25 AM Mins609 KMs
40 (SZM)04:09 AM04:11 AM Mins649 KMs
41 (DLI)04:30 AM04:55 AM Mins652 KMs
42 (GZB)05:35 AM05:37 AM Mins672 KMs
43 (CHL)06:17 AM06:19 AM Mins727 KMs
44 (KRJ)06:34 AM06:37 AM Mins742 KMs
45 (ALJN)07:07 AM07:12 AM Mins785 KMs
46 (HRS)07:34 AM07:39 AM Mins815 KMs
47 (JLS)07:53 AM07:55 AM Mins835 KMs
48 (TDL)08:33 AM08:38 AM Mins863 KMs
49 (FZD)08:52 AM08:54 AM Mins880 KMs
50 (SKB)09:10 AM09:12 AM Mins900 KMs
51 (ETW)09:50 AM09:55 AM Mins955 KMs
52 (BNT)10:15 AM10:17 AM Mins975 KMs
53 (PHD)10:43 AM10:45 AM Mins1011 KMs
54 (JJK)11:01 AM11:03 AM Mins1031 KMs
55 (RURA)11:19 AM11:21 AM Mins1050 KMs
56 (PNK)12:08 PM12:10 PM Mins1083 KMs
57 (CNB)12:40 PM12:50 PM Mins1095 KMs
58 (FTP)01:48 PM01:50 PM Mins1173 KMs
59 (ALD)03:30 PM04:02 PM Mins1290 KMs
60 (MJA)04:36 PM04:38 PM Mins1328 KMs
61 (BDL)05:16 PM05:18 PM Mins1372 KMs
62 (MZP)05:30 PM05:35 PM Mins1379 KMs
63 (CAR)06:10 PM06:15 PM Mins1410 KMs
64 (RBGJ)07:51 PM07:53 PM Mins1486 KMs
65 (CUK)08:08 PM08:10 PM Mins1491 KMs
66 (CPU)09:50 PM10:00 PM Mins1513 KMs
67 (RNQ)10:53 PM10:58 PM Mins1555 KMs
68 (DXN)11:17 PM11:19 PM Mins1576 KMs
69 (WDM)11:42 PM11:44 PM Mins1599 KMs
70 (NUQ)12:08 AM12:10 AM Mins1611 KMs
71 (GHQ)12:56 AM12:58 AM Mins1645 KMs
72 (GHD)01:10 AM01:15 AM Mins1655 KMs
73 (DTO)01:51 AM01:56 AM Mins1688 KMs
74 (BRWD)02:20 AM02:25 AM Mins1715 KMs
75 (LTHR)02:58 AM03:00 AM Mins1756 KMs
76 (TORI)03:30 AM03:35 AM Mins1788 KMs
77 (KLRE)03:56 AM03:58 AM Mins1817 KMs
78 (RAY)04:09 AM04:11 AM Mins1824 KMs
79 (PTRU)05:20 AM05:25 AM Mins1853 KMs
80 (BRKA)05:50 AM06:10 AM Mins1873 KMs
81 (RMT)06:20 AM06:25 AM Mins1878 KMs
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