Brahmputra Mail (14056)
Runs between: Delhi Jn. to DIBRUGARH

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Delhi Jn.
1 (DLI)Source11:40 PMSource0 KMs
2 (KRJ)01:06 AM01:08 AM Mins83 KMs
3 (ALJN)01:38 AM01:43 AM Mins126 KMs
4 (TDL)02:48 AM02:53 AM Mins204 KMs
5 (SKB)03:20 AM03:22 AM Mins241 KMs
6 (CNB)05:50 AM05:55 AM Mins434 KMs
7 (ALD)08:25 AM08:35 AM Mins628 KMs
8 (BDL)12:47 PM12:47 PM Mins711 KMs
9 (MZP)09:40 AM09:45 AM Mins718 KMs
10 (DDU)11:28 AM11:48 AM Mins781 KMs
11 (DLN)12:34 PM12:36 PM Mins839 KMs
12 (BXR)01:01 PM01:03 PM Mins875 KMs
13 (ARA)01:47 PM01:49 PM Mins943 KMs
14 (PNBE)02:30 PM02:40 PM Mins993 KMs
15 (PNC)02:58 PM03:00 PM Mins1002 KMs
16 (MKA)03:56 PM03:58 PM Mins1082 KMs
17 (KIUL)05:25 PM05:30 PM Mins1116 KMs
18 (AHA)05:53 PM05:54 PM Mins1139 KMs
19 (JMP)06:12 PM06:22 PM Mins1161 KMs
20 (SGG)07:01 PM07:02 PM Mins1190 KMs
21 (BGP)07:45 PM07:55 PM Mins1214 KMs
22 (CLG)08:26 PM08:27 PM Mins1244 KMs
23 (SBG)09:37 PM09:45 PM Mins1288 KMs
24 (BHW)11:13 PM11:15 PM Mins1342 KMs
25 (NFK)11:37 PM11:39 PM Mins1357 KMs
26 (MLDT)12:50 AM01:00 AM Mins1391 KMs
27 (BOE)02:09 AM02:11 AM Mins1479 KMs
28 (KNE)02:55 AM03:00 AM Mins1537 KMs
29 (NJP)05:00 AM05:20 AM Mins1624 KMs
30 (JPE)06:02 AM06:04 AM Mins1658 KMs
31 (DQG)06:33 AM06:38 AM Mins1689 KMs
32 (FLK)06:55 AM06:57 AM Mins1712 KMs
33 (NCB)08:05 AM08:10 AM Mins1750 KMs
34 (NOQ)08:31 AM08:36 AM Mins1769 KMs
35 (GOGH)09:12 AM09:14 AM Mins1815 KMs
36 (FKM)09:32 AM09:34 AM Mins1838 KMs
37 (KOJ)09:45 AM09:47 AM Mins1848 KMs
38 (NBQ)10:30 AM10:40 AM Mins1875 KMs
39 (BNGN)10:46 AM10:48 AM Mins1878 KMs
40 (BJF)11:04 AM11:06 AM Mins1893 KMs
41 (SBE)11:23 AM11:25 AM Mins1912 KMs
42 (BPRD)11:38 AM11:43 AM Mins1920 KMs
43 (NLV)12:40 PM12:42 PM Mins1968 KMs
44 (RNY)12:57 PM01:02 PM Mins1985 KMs
45 (KYQ)02:25 PM02:30 PM Mins2026 KMs
46 (GHY)02:45 PM03:00 PM Mins2032 KMs
47 (DGU)03:40 PM03:42 PM Mins2066 KMs
48 (JID)04:14 PM04:16 PM Mins2089 KMs
49 (CPK)04:48 PM04:50 PM Mins2123 KMs
50 (KWM)05:08 PM05:10 PM Mins2141 KMs
51 (JMK)05:22 PM05:24 PM Mins2152 KMs
52 (HJI)05:40 PM05:42 PM Mins2168 KMs
53 (LKA)05:56 PM05:58 PM Mins2182 KMs
54 (LMG)07:15 PM07:25 PM Mins2213 KMs
55 (DPU)07:56 PM07:58 PM Mins2245 KMs
56 (DMV)08:35 PM08:45 PM Mins2282 KMs
57 (BXJ)09:05 PM09:07 PM Mins2296 KMs
58 (FKG)10:58 PM11:00 PM Mins2352 KMs
59 (MXN)11:45 PM11:55 PM Mins2390 KMs
60 (SLGR)12:40 AM12:45 AM Mins2444 KMs
61 (BOJ)01:29 AM01:34 AM Mins2478 KMs
62 (NTSK)03:00 AM03:10 AM Mins2547 KMs
63 (DBRG)04:25 AMDestinationDestination2588 KMs
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