Purshottam Express (12802)
Runs between: New Delhi to Puri

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from New Delhi
1New Delhi (NDLS)Source10:15 PMSource0 KMs
2 (EKL)02:15 AM02:25 AM Mins318 KMs
3Kanpur Central (CNB)04:45 AM04:50 AM5 Mins447 KMs
4Fatehpur (FTP)05:46 AM05:48 AM2 Mins525 KMs
5Allahabad Jn (ALD)07:25 AM07:35 AM10 Mins641 KMs
6Mirzapur (MZP)08:38 AM08:40 AM2 Mins731 KMs
7Chunar (CAR)09:28 AM09:30 AM2 Mins762 KMs
8Mughal Sarai Jn (MGS)10:20 AM10:35 AM15 Mins795 KMs
9Bhabua Road (BBU)11:14 AM11:15 AM1 Mins849 KMs
10Sasaram (SSM)11:48 AM11:49 AM1 Mins896 KMs
11Dehri On Sone (DOS)12:05 PM12:07 PM2 Mins914 KMs
12Anugraha N Road (AUBR)12:19 PM12:20 PM1 Mins931 KMs
13Gaya Jn (GAYA)01:25 PM01:30 PM5 Mins999 KMs
14Paharpur (PRP)02:03 PM02:05 PM2 Mins1032 KMs
15Koderma (KQR)02:43 PM02:45 PM2 Mins1075 KMs
16Hazaribagh Rd (HZD)03:18 PM03:20 PM2 Mins1124 KMs
17Parasnath (PNME)03:42 PM03:47 PM5 Mins1151 KMs
18Nsc Bose J Gomo (GMO)04:10 PM04:20 PM10 Mins1169 KMs
19Chandrapura Jn (CRP)04:43 PM04:45 PM2 Mins1186 KMs
20Bokaro Stl City (BKSC)05:15 PM05:20 PM5 Mins1201 KMs
21Purulia Jn (PRR)06:24 PM06:26 PM2 Mins1262 KMs
22Chandil Jn (CNI)07:12 PM07:14 PM2 Mins1316 KMs
23Tatanagar Jn (TATA)08:00 PM08:15 PM15 Mins1352 KMs
24Ghatsila (GTS)08:48 PM08:50 PM1 Mins1388 KMs
25 (KGP)10:05 PM10:30 PM Mins1487 KMs
26Balasore (BLS)12:07 AM12:12 AM5 Mins1605 KMs
27Bhadrak (BHC)01:18 AM01:20 AM2 Mins1667 KMs
28Jajpur K Road (JJKR)01:58 AM02:00 AM2 Mins1711 KMs
29Cuttack (CTC)03:00 AM03:05 AM5 Mins1783 KMs
30Bhubaneswar (BBS)03:40 AM03:45 AM5 Mins1810 KMs
31Khurda Road Jn (KUR)04:20 AM04:25 AM5 Mins1829 KMs
32Puri (PURI)05:25 AMDestinationDestination1873 KMs
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