Vikramshila Express (12368)
Runs between: ANAND VIHAR TRM to Bhagalpur

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from ANAND VIHAR TRM
1Anand Vihar Trm (ANVT)Source02:40 PMSource0 KMs
2Kanpur Central (CNB)08:25 PM08:35 PM10 Mins434 KMs
3Dd Upadhyaya Jn (DDU)02:58 AM03:18 AM20 Mins778 KMs
4 (MGS)02:58 AM03:18 AM Mins782 KMs
5Patna Jn (PNBE)06:20 AM06:30 AM10 Mins994 KMs
6Patna Saheb (PNC)06:45 AM06:47 AM2 Mins1003 KMs
7Fatwa (FUT)06:58 AM07:00 AM2 Mins1015 KMs
8Khusropur (KOO)07:06 AM07:08 AM2 Mins1024 KMs
9Bakhtiyarpur Jn (BKP)07:22 AM07:24 AM2 Mins1039 KMs
10Barh (BARH)07:39 AM07:41 AM2 Mins1057 KMs
11Mokameh Jn (MKA)08:06 AM08:08 AM2 Mins1083 KMs
12Hathidah Jn (HTZ)08:14 AM08:16 AM2 Mins1090 KMs
13Barhiya (BRYA)08:30 AM08:32 AM2 Mins1100 KMs
14Luckeesarai Jn (LKR)09:08 AM09:10 AM2 Mins1116 KMs
15Kiul Jn (KIUL)09:50 AM09:55 AM5 Mins1117 KMs
16Kajra (KJH)10:13 AM10:14 AM1 Mins1133 KMs
17Abhaipur (AHA)10:26 AM10:27 AM1 Mins1140 KMs
18Dharhara (DRH)10:41 AM10:42 AM1 Mins1150 KMs
19Jamalpur Jn (JMP)11:04 AM11:14 AM10 Mins1162 KMs
20Bariarpur (BUP)11:26 AM11:27 AM1 Mins1173 KMs
21Sultanganj (SGG)11:48 AM11:49 AM1 Mins1191 KMs
22Bhagalpur (BGP)12:25 PMDestinationDestination1215 KMs
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