Fare for PURSHOTTAM EXP (12802) Class - 2A, 3A, SL
Train Source Station Destination Station Train Type Distance
PURSHOTTAM EXP (12802) New Delhi (NDLS) Puri (PURI)Superfast 1857 Kms
Base FareRs. 2529Rs. 1710Rs. 665
Reservation ChargesRs. 50Rs. 40Rs. 20
Superfast chargesRs. 45Rs. 45Rs. 30
Fuel ChargesRs. 0Rs. 0Rs. 0
GSTRs. 0Rs. 0Rs. 0
Other ChargesRs. 0Rs. 0Rs. 0
Catering ChargesRs. 0Rs. 0Rs. 0
Dynamic FareRs. 0Rs. 0Rs. 0
Total AmountRs. 2755Rs. 1885Rs. 715
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