Agc-nzm Emu (64953)
Runs between: Agra Cantt to Hazrat Nizamuddin Jn.

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Agra Cantt
1 (AGC)Source04:00 PMSource0 KMs
2 (RKM)04:09 PM04:10 PM Mins3 KMs
3 (BFP)04:15 PM04:16 PM Mins5 KMs
4 (RNKA)04:24 PM04:25 PM Mins14 KMs
5 (KXM)04:33 PM04:34 PM Mins23 KMs
6 (FHT)04:41 PM04:42 PM Mins31 KMs
7 (FAR)04:46 PM04:47 PM Mins34 KMs
8 (BAD)04:55 PM04:56 PM Mins43 KMs
9 (MTJ)05:08 PM05:10 PM Mins53 KMs
10 (BTSR)05:15 PM05:16 PM Mins56 KMs
11 (VRBD)05:23 PM05:24 PM Mins63 KMs
12 (AJH)05:32 PM05:33 PM Mins74 KMs
13 (CHJ)05:45 PM05:46 PM Mins84 KMs
14 (KSV)05:54 PM05:55 PM Mins94 KMs
15 (HDL)06:05 PM06:06 PM Mins107 KMs
16 (BNCR)06:13 PM06:14 PM Mins113 KMs
17 (SHLK)06:19 PM06:20 PM Mins117 KMs
18 (RDE)06:28 PM06:29 PM Mins127 KMs
19 (PWL)06:51 PM06:53 PM Mins137 KMs
20 (AST)07:04 PM07:05 PM Mins148 KMs
21 (BVH)07:14 PM07:15 PM Mins158 KMs
22 (FDN)07:22 PM07:23 PM Mins162 KMs
23 (FDB)07:28 PM07:29 PM Mins166 KMs
24 (TKD)07:41 PM07:46 PM Mins176 KMs
25 (OKA)08:04 PM08:05 PM Mins183 KMs
26 (NZM)08:15 PMDestinationDestination187 KMs
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