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56501/ Route/Schedule - Runs from Vijayawada Jn/BZA to Hubli Jn/UBL - Raildb.com
Runs On:

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Vijayawada Jn
1Vijayawada Jn (BZA)Source07:10 AMSource0.0 Kilometers
2Krishna Canal (KCC)07:24 AM07:25 AM1 Mins5.0 Kilometers
3Mangalagiri (MAG)07:35 AM07:36 AM1 Mins11.0 Kilometers
4Namburu (NBR)07:47 AM07:48 AM1 Mins23.0 Kilometers
5Pedakakani Halt (PDKN)07:53 AM07:54 AM1 Mins25.0 Kilometers
6Resauli (REP)SourceNo StopNo Stop30.0 Kilometers
7Guntur Jn (GNT)08:10 AM08:20 AM10 Mins32.0 Kilometers
8Nallapadu (NLPD)08:31 AM08:32 AM1 Mins37.0 Kilometers
9Perecherla (PRCA)08:42 AM08:43 AM1 Mins44.0 Kilometers
10Phirangipuram (PPM)08:55 AM08:56 AM1 Mins53.0 Kilometers
11Nudurupadu (NDPU)09:04 AM09:05 AM1 Mins61.0 Kilometers
12Satulur (STUR)09:13 AM09:14 AM1 Mins67.0 Kilometers
13Narasaraopet (NRT)09:28 AM09:30 AM2 Mins78.0 Kilometers
14Munumaka (MUK)09:37 AM09:38 AM1 Mins85.0 Kilometers
15Santamagulur (SAB)09:46 AM09:47 AM1 Mins94.0 Kilometers
16Vellalcheruvu H (VLE)09:52 AM09:53 AM1 Mins97.0 Kilometers
17Savalyapuram (SYM)10:01 AM10:02 AM1 Mins105.0 Kilometers
18Vinukonda (VKN)10:13 AM10:15 AM2 Mins115.0 Kilometers
19Cheekateegalplm (CEM)10:22 AM10:23 AM1 Mins122.0 Kilometers
20Gundalukamma (GKM)10:32 AM10:33 AM1 Mins128.0 Kilometers
21Kurichedu (KCD)10:44 AM10:45 AM1 Mins139.0 Kilometers
22Potlapadu (POO)10:51 AM10:52 AM1 Mins146.0 Kilometers
23Donakonda (DKD)11:20 AM11:25 AM5 Mins152.0 Kilometers
24Gajjelakonda (GJJ)11:35 AM11:36 AM1 Mins163.0 Kilometers
25Markapur Road (MRK)11:50 AM11:52 AM2 Mins176.0 Kilometers
26Tarlupadu (TLU)12:04 PM12:05 PM1 Mins189.0 Kilometers
27Cumbum (CBM)12:25 PM12:27 PM2 Mins202.0 Kilometers
28Jaggambotla Krishnapuram (JBK)12:35 PM12:36 PM1 Mins209.0 Kilometers
29Somidevipalle (SDV)12:45 PM12:46 PM1 Mins221.0 Kilometers
30Gudimetta (GMA)12:51 PM12:52 PM1 Mins225.0 Kilometers
31Satv (SATV)SourceNo StopNo Stop225.0 Kilometers
32Giddalur (GID)01:20 PM01:22 PM2 Mins233.0 Kilometers
33Kistamsettipali (KSTE)01:28 PM01:29 PM1 Mins238.0 Kilometers
34Diguvametta (DMT)01:42 PM01:43 PM1 Mins245.0 Kilometers
35Chalama (CMZ)02:06 PM02:07 PM1 Mins261.0 Kilometers
36Gazulapalli (GZL)02:19 PM02:20 PM1 Mins272.0 Kilometers
37Ndpl (NDPL)SourceNo StopNo Stop280.0 Kilometers
38Nandyal (NDL)04:15 PM04:20 PM5 Mins287.0 Kilometers
39Panyam (PNM)04:32 PM04:34 PM2 Mins302.0 Kilometers
40Krishnama Kona (KEF)04:46 PM04:47 PM1 Mins312.0 Kilometers
41B Cement Nagar (BEY)04:58 PM05:00 PM2 Mins321.0 Kilometers
42Betamcherla (BMH)05:07 PM05:09 PM2 Mins327.0 Kilometers
43Rangapuram (RGM)05:19 PM05:20 PM1 Mins338.0 Kilometers
44Malkapuram (MLK)05:30 PM05:31 PM1 Mins350.0 Kilometers
45Dhone (DHNE)06:00 PM06:05 PM5 Mins363.0 Kilometers
46Malliyala (MYL)06:20 PM06:22 PM2 Mins374.0 Kilometers
47Linganenidoddi (LMD)06:35 PM06:36 PM1 Mins382.0 Kilometers
48Pendekallu (PDL)06:42 PM06:44 PM2 Mins389.0 Kilometers
49Edduladoddi (EDD)06:55 PM06:56 PM1 Mins397.0 Kilometers
50Tuggali (TGL)07:06 PM07:07 PM1 Mins405.0 Kilometers
51Maddikera (MKR)07:48 PM07:50 PM2 Mins420.0 Kilometers
52Mallappa Gate (MLGT)08:01 PM08:02 PM1 Mins424.0 Kilometers
53Guntakal Jn (GTL)08:40 PM09:30 PM50 Mins432.0 Kilometers
54Guntakal West (GTLW)SourceNo StopNo Stop437.0 Kilometers
55Bantanahal (BLL)09:43 PM09:45 PM2 Mins444.0 Kilometers
56Bevinahalu (BNL)09:53 PM09:55 PM2 Mins451.0 Kilometers
57Virapur (VP)10:02 PM10:04 PM2 Mins459.0 Kilometers
58Hagari (HGI)10:11 PM10:13 PM2 Mins468.0 Kilometers
59Haddinagundu (HDD)10:21 PM10:23 PM2 Mins475.0 Kilometers
60Bellary Jn (BAY)11:10 PM11:15 PM5 Mins482.0 Kilometers
61Bellary Cant (BYC)SourceNo StopNo Stop487.0 Kilometers
62Kudatini (KDN)11:38 PM11:40 PM2 Mins502.0 Kilometers
63Duroji (DAJ)11:51 PM11:52 PM1 Mins509.0 Kilometers
64Toranagallu (TNGL)12:03 AM12:05 AM2 Mins514.0 Kilometers
65Gadiganuru (GNR)SourceNo StopNo Stop521.0 Kilometers
66Bayaluvaddigeri (BYO)SourceNo StopNo Stop528.0 Kilometers
67Papinayaknahali (PKL)12:34 AM12:35 AM1 Mins533.0 Kilometers
68Kariganuru (KGW)12:44 AM12:45 AM1 Mins540.0 Kilometers
69Hospet Jn (HPT)01:13 AM01:15 AM2 Mins547.0 Kilometers
70Munirabad (MRB)01:24 AM01:25 AM1 Mins553.0 Kilometers
71Ginigera (GIN)01:34 AM01:35 AM1 Mins564.0 Kilometers
72Koppal (KBL)02:08 AM02:10 AM2 Mins575.0 Kilometers
73Bhanapur (BNP)02:20 AM02:21 AM1 Mins587.0 Kilometers
74Banni Koppa (BNA)SourceNo StopNo Stop598.0 Kilometers
75Sompur Road (SOQ)SourceNo StopNo Stop605.0 Kilometers
76Harlapur (RLP)SourceNo StopNo Stop614.0 Kilometers
77Kanginhal (KGX)SourceNo StopNo Stop624.0 Kilometers
78Gadag Jn (GDG)04:30 AM04:40 AM10 Mins632.0 Kilometers
79Binkadakatti (BKIT)SourceNo StopNo Stop638.0 Kilometers
80Hulkoti (LKT)SourceNo StopNo Stop645.0 Kilometers
81Annigeri (NGR)05:05 AM05:10 AM5 Mins655.0 Kilometers
82Navalgund Rd (NVD)SourceNo StopNo Stop663.0 Kilometers
83Sisvinhalli (SVHE)05:18 AM05:20 AM2 Mins667.0 Kilometers
84Hebsur (HBS)SourceNo StopNo Stop671.0 Kilometers
85Kusugali (KUG)SourceNo StopNo Stop680.0 Kilometers
86Hubli East Cab (HBQ)SourceNo StopNo Stop689.0 Kilometers
87Hubli Jn (UBL)06:10 AMDestinationDestination690.0 Kilometers
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