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22107/ Route/Schedule - Runs from Mumbai Cst/CSTM to Latur/LUR - Raildb.com
Runs On:

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Mumbai Cst
1Mumbai Cst (CSTM)Source09:00 PMSource0.0 Kilometers
2Mumbai Dadar Central (DR)09:12 PM09:15 PM3 Mins8.0 Kilometers
3Kalyan Jn (KYN)09:50 PM09:53 PM3 Mins53.0 Kilometers
4Vithalwadi (VLDI)SourceNo StopNo Stop55.0 Kilometers
5Ulhasnagar (ULNR)SourceNo StopNo Stop57.0 Kilometers
6Ambarnath (ABH)SourceNo StopNo Stop59.0 Kilometers
7Badlapur (BUD)SourceNo StopNo Stop67.0 Kilometers
8Vangani (VGI)SourceNo StopNo Stop77.0 Kilometers
9Neral (NRL)SourceNo StopNo Stop86.0 Kilometers
10Bhivpuri Road (BVS)SourceNo StopNo Stop92.0 Kilometers
11Karjat (KJT)10:38 PM10:40 PM2 Mins99.0 Kilometers
12Palasdari (PDI)SourceNo StopNo Stop102.0 Kilometers
13Jambrung (JBC)SourceNo StopNo Stop109.0 Kilometers
14Thakurvadi (TKW)SourceNo StopNo Stop112.0 Kilometers
15Monkey Hill (MHLC)SourceNo StopNo Stop118.0 Kilometers
16Khandala (KAD)SourceNo StopNo Stop124.0 Kilometers
17Lonavala (LNL)11:29 PM11:30 PM1 Mins127.0 Kilometers
18Malavli (MVL)SourceNo StopNo Stop135.0 Kilometers
19Kamshet (KMST)SourceNo StopNo Stop143.0 Kilometers
20Vadgaon (VDN)SourceNo StopNo Stop153.0 Kilometers
21Talegaon (TGN)SourceNo StopNo Stop157.0 Kilometers
22Shelarwadi (SLRW)SourceNo StopNo Stop163.0 Kilometers
23Dehu Road (DEHR)SourceNo StopNo Stop167.0 Kilometers
24Akurdi (AKRD)SourceNo StopNo Stop171.0 Kilometers
25Chinchvad (CCH)SourceNo StopNo Stop175.0 Kilometers
26Pimpri (PMP)SourceNo StopNo Stop177.0 Kilometers
27Dapodi (DAPD)SourceNo StopNo Stop183.0 Kilometers
28Khadki (KK)SourceNo StopNo Stop185.0 Kilometers
29Shivajinagar (SVJR)SourceNo StopNo Stop189.0 Kilometers
30Pune Jn (PUNE)12:30 AM12:35 AM5 Mins191.0 Kilometers
31Ghorpuri Transh (GIT)SourceNo StopNo Stop193.0 Kilometers
32Hadapsar (HDP)SourceNo StopNo Stop202.0 Kilometers
33Loni (LONI)SourceNo StopNo Stop212.0 Kilometers
34Uruli (URI)SourceNo StopNo Stop224.0 Kilometers
35Yevat (YT)SourceNo StopNo Stop237.0 Kilometers
36Kedgaon (KDG)SourceNo StopNo Stop250.0 Kilometers
37Patas (PAA)SourceNo StopNo Stop260.0 Kilometers
38Daund Patas Road (DDAP)SourceNo StopNo Stop271.0 Kilometers
39Daund Jn (DD)01:50 AM01:52 AM2 Mins283.0 Kilometers
40Boribial (BRB)SourceNo StopNo Stop293.0 Kilometers
41Malthan (MLM)SourceNo StopNo Stop302.0 Kilometers
42Bhigwan (BGVN)SourceNo StopNo Stop310.0 Kilometers
43Jinti Road (JNTR)SourceNo StopNo Stop323.0 Kilometers
44Parewadi (PRWD)SourceNo StopNo Stop332.0 Kilometers
45Washimbe (WSB)SourceNo StopNo Stop339.0 Kilometers
46Pophlaj (PPJ)SourceNo StopNo Stop349.0 Kilometers
47Jeur (JEUR)SourceNo StopNo Stop358.0 Kilometers
48Bhalwani (BLNI)SourceNo StopNo Stop365.0 Kilometers
49Kem (KEM)SourceNo StopNo Stop374.0 Kilometers
50Dhavalas (DHS)SourceNo StopNo Stop382.0 Kilometers
51Kurduvadi (KWV)03:18 AM03:20 AM2 Mins392.0 Kilometers
52Shendri (SEI)SourceNo StopNo Stop412.0 Kilometers
53Barsi Town (BTW)03:53 AM03:55 AM2 Mins429.0 Kilometers
54Pangri (PJR)SourceNo StopNo Stop447.0 Kilometers
55Usmanabad (UMD)04:37 AM04:40 AM3 Mins466.0 Kilometers
56Yedeshi (YSI)SourceNo StopNo Stop476.0 Kilometers
57Dhoki (DKY)SourceNo StopNo Stop492.0 Kilometers
58Ausa Road (OSA)SourceNo StopNo Stop526.0 Kilometers
59Harangul (HGL)06:09 AM06:10 AM1 Mins534.0 Kilometers
60Latur (LUR)06:30 AMDestinationDestination545.0 Kilometers
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