Cstm Latur Express (22107)
Runs between: Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai to Latur

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai
1C Shivaji Mah T (CSTM)Source09:00 PMSource0 KMs
2 (CSMT)12:00 AM09:00 PMNo Stop0 KMs
3Dadar (DR)09:12 PM09:15 PM2 Mins8 KMs
4Kurla Jn. (CLA)09:24 PM09:24 PMNo Stop15 KMs
5Ghat Kopar (GC)09:27 PM09:27 PMNo Stop19 KMs
6Mulund (MLND)09:34 PM09:34 PMNo Stop30 KMs
7Thane (TNA)09:34 PM09:35 PM1 Mins33 KMs
8Kalyan Jn (KYN)09:50 PM09:53 PM2 Mins53 KMs
9Ambarnath (ABH)10:10 PM10:10 PMNo Stop59 KMs
10Badlapur (BUD)10:16 PM10:16 PMNo Stop67 KMs
11Vangani (VGI)10:23 PM10:23 PMNo Stop77 KMs
12Neral (NRL)10:28 PM10:28 PMNo Stop86 KMs
13Bhivpuri Road (BVS)10:33 PM10:33 PMNo Stop92 KMs
14Karjat (KJT)10:38 PM10:40 PM2 Mins99 KMs
15Palasdari (PDI)10:56 PM10:56 PMNo Stop102 KMs
16Jambrung (JBC)11:05 PM11:05 PMNo Stop109 KMs
17Thakurvadi (TKW)11:09 PM11:09 PMNo Stop112 KMs
18Monkey Hill (MHLC)11:16 PM11:16 PMNo Stop118 KMs
19Khandala (KAD)11:22 PM11:22 PMNo Stop124 KMs
20Lonavala (LNL)11:24 PM11:25 PM2 Mins127 KMs
21Malavli (MVL)11:42 PM11:42 PMNo Stop135 KMs
22Kamshet (KMST)11:47 PM11:47 PMNo Stop143 KMs
23Vadgaon (VDN)11:53 PM11:53 PMNo Stop153 KMs
24Talegaon (TGN)11:58 PM11:58 PMNo Stop157 KMs
25Shelarwadi (SLRW)12:02 AM12:02 AMNo Stop163 KMs
26Dehu Road (DEHR)12:06 AM12:06 AMNo Stop167 KMs
27Akurdi (AKRD)12:10 AM12:10 AMNo Stop171 KMs
28Chinchvad (CCH)12:12 AM12:12 AMNo Stop175 KMs
29Pimpri (PMP)12:14 AM12:14 AMNo Stop177 KMs
30Dapodi (DAPD)12:18 AM12:18 AMNo Stop183 KMs
31Khadki (KK)12:21 AM12:21 AMNo Stop185 KMs
32Shivaji Nagar (SVJR)12:25 AM12:25 AMNo Stop189 KMs
33Pune Jn (PUNE)12:30 AM12:35 AM5 Mins191 KMs
34Hadapsar (HDP)01:00 AM01:00 AMNo Stop197 KMs
35Loni (LONI)01:08 AM01:08 AMNo Stop207 KMs
36Uruli (URI)01:16 AM01:16 AMNo Stop219 KMs
37Yevat (YT)01:25 AM01:25 AMNo Stop232 KMs
38Kedgaon (KDG)01:34 AM01:34 AMNo Stop245 KMs
39Patas (PAA)01:44 AM01:44 AMNo Stop254 KMs
40Ddap (DDAP)01:55 AM01:55 AMNo Stop263 KMs
41Daund Jn (DD)01:51 AM01:52 AM2 Mins266 KMs
42Boribial (BRB)02:13 AM02:13 AMNo Stop276 KMs
43Malthan (MLM)02:19 AM02:19 AMNo Stop286 KMs
44Bhigvan (BGVN)02:24 AM02:24 AMNo Stop294 KMs
45Jinti Road (JNTR)02:34 AM02:34 AMNo Stop306 KMs
46Parewadi (PRWD)02:40 AM02:40 AMNo Stop315 KMs
47Washimbe (WSB)02:45 AM02:45 AMNo Stop322 KMs
48Pophlaj (PPJ)02:51 AM02:51 AMNo Stop332 KMs
49Jeur (JEUR)02:57 AM02:57 AMNo Stop341 KMs
50Bhalwani (BLNI)03:02 AM03:02 AMNo Stop349 KMs
51Kem (KEM)03:08 AM03:08 AMNo Stop357 KMs
52Dhavalas (DHS)03:14 AM03:14 AMNo Stop365 KMs
53Kurduvadi (KWV)03:18 AM03:23 AM5 Mins375 KMs
54Shendri (SEI)04:08 AM04:08 AMNo Stop395 KMs
55Barsi Town (BTW)03:53 AM03:55 AM2 Mins412 KMs
56Pangri (PJR)04:43 AM04:43 AMNo Stop430 KMs
57Usmanabad (UMD)04:37 AM04:40 AM3 Mins449 KMs
58Yedshi (YSI)05:19 AM05:19 AMNo Stop459 KMs
59Dhoki (DKY)05:34 AM05:34 AMNo Stop476 KMs
60Ausa Road (OSA)05:59 AM05:59 AMNo Stop510 KMs
61Harangul (HGL)06:09 AM06:10 AM2 Mins518 KMs
62Latur (LUR)06:30 AMDestinationDestination528 KMs
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