Hyb Bellampalli Intercity (17011)
Runs between: Hyderabad Decan to Belampalli

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Hyderabad Deccan
1Hyderabad Deccan (HYB)12:00 AM05:15 AM315 Mins0.0 Kilometers
2Secunderabad Jn (SC)05:35 AM05:40 AM5 Mins9.0 Kilometers
3Bhongir (BG)06:24 AM06:25 AM1 Mins56.0 Kilometers
4Aler (ALER)06:39 AM06:40 AM1 Mins78.0 Kilometers
5Jangaon (ZN)06:54 AM06:55 AM1 Mins93.0 Kilometers
6Ghanpur (GNP)07:10 AM07:11 AM1 Mins121.0 Kilometers
7Kazipet Jn (KZJ)07:37 AM07:38 AM1 Mins141.0 Kilometers
8Uppal (OPL)07:59 AM08:00 AM1 Mins165.0 Kilometers
9Jamikunta (JMKT)08:06 AM08:07 AM1 Mins176.0 Kilometers
10Potkapalli (PTKP)08:19 AM08:20 AM1 Mins193.0 Kilometers
11Odela (OEA)08:24 AM08:25 AM1 Mins198.0 Kilometers
12Kolnur (KOLR)08:39 AM08:40 AM1 Mins202.0 Kilometers
13Peddapalli (PDPL)08:49 AM08:50 AM1 Mins216.0 Kilometers
14Ramgundam (RDM)09:04 AM09:05 AM1 Mins234.0 Kilometers
15Manchiryal (MCI)09:15 AM09:16 AM1 Mins247.0 Kilometers
16Ravindrakhani (RVKH)09:19 AM09:20 AM1 Mins254.0 Kilometers
17Belampalli (BPA)09:33 AM09:35 AM2 Mins267.0 Kilometers
18Asifabad Road (ASAF)09:44 AM09:45 AM1 Mins291.0 Kilometers
19Sirpur Kagaznagar (SKZR)10:35 AM12:00 AM635 Mins306.0 Kilometers
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