Hyb-skzr-intercity (17011)
Runs between: Hyderabad Deccan to Sirpur Kaghaznagar

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Hyderabad Deccan
1 (HYB)Source04:50 AMSource0 KMs
2 (SC)05:18 AM05:20 AM Mins9 KMs
3 (BG)06:09 AM06:10 AM Mins63 KMs
4 (ALER)06:26 AM06:27 AM Mins86 KMs
5 (ZN)06:49 AM06:50 AM Mins100 KMs
6 (GNP)07:09 AM07:10 AM Mins129 KMs
7 (KZJ)07:35 AM07:37 AM Mins149 KMs
8 (OPL)07:59 AM08:00 AM Mins182 KMs
9 (JMKT)08:06 AM08:07 AM Mins194 KMs
10 (PTKP)08:19 AM08:20 AM Mins211 KMs
11 (OEA)08:24 AM08:25 AM Mins214 KMs
12 (KOLR)08:39 AM08:40 AM Mins220 KMs
13 (PDPL)08:49 AM08:50 AM Mins233 KMs
14 (RDM)09:04 AM09:05 AM Mins251 KMs
15 (MCI)09:14 AM09:15 AM Mins264 KMs
16 (RVKH)09:19 AM09:20 AM Mins271 KMs
17 (MMZ)09:26 AM09:27 AM Mins275 KMs
18 (BPA)09:34 AM09:35 AM Mins284 KMs
19 (RECH)09:42 AM09:43 AM Mins295 KMs
20 (ASAF)09:50 AM09:51 AM Mins308 KMs
21 (SKZR)10:35 AMDestinationDestination323 KMs
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