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15933/ Route/Schedule - Runs from Dibrugarh/DBRG to Amritsar Jn/ASR - Raildb.com
Runs On:

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Dibrugarh
1Dibrugarh (DBRG)Source07:00 AMSource0 Kilometers
2New Tinsukia Jn (NTSK)08:00 AM08:10 AM10 Mins41 Kilometers
3Simaluguri Jn (SLGR)09:48 AM09:50 AM2 Mins144 Kilometers
4Mariani Jn (MXN)11:00 AM11:10 AM10 Mins198 Kilometers
5Furkating Jn (FKG)12:30 PM12:32 PM2 Mins236 Kilometers
6Dimapur (DMV)01:40 PM01:50 PM10 Mins306 Kilometers
7Diphu (DPU)02:28 PM02:30 PM2 Mins343 Kilometers
8Lumding Jn (LMG)03:15 PM03:25 PM10 Mins375 Kilometers
9Hojai (HJI)04:26 PM04:28 PM2 Mins420 Kilometers
10Chaparmukh Jn (CPK)05:30 PM05:32 PM2 Mins464 Kilometers
11Guwahati (GHY)07:45 PM08:00 PM15 Mins556 Kilometers
12Rangiya Jn (RNY)08:50 PM09:00 PM10 Mins603 Kilometers
13New Bongaigaon (NBQ)11:20 PM11:30 PM10 Mins712 Kilometers
14New Alipurdaur (NOQ)12:53 AM12:58 AM5 Mins819 Kilometers
15New Cooch Behar (NCB)01:25 AM01:30 AM5 Mins838 Kilometers
16New Jalpaiguri (NJP)04:05 AM04:20 AM15 Mins964 Kilometers
17Katihar Jn (KIR)08:55 AM09:15 AM20 Mins1165 Kilometers
18Khagaria Jn (KGG)11:46 AM11:51 AM5 Mins1288 Kilometers
19Barauni Jn (BJU)01:10 PM01:20 PM10 Mins1344 Kilometers
20Desari (DES)02:22 PM02:24 PM2 Mins1412 Kilometers
21Akshaywat Rai Nagar (AYRN)02:38 PM02:40 PM2 Mins1421 Kilometers
22Hajipur Jn (HJP)03:10 PM03:16 PM6 Mins1432 Kilometers
23Chhapra (CPR)05:00 PM05:15 PM15 Mins1491 Kilometers
24Ballia (BUI)06:35 PM06:40 PM5 Mins1556 Kilometers
25Ghazipur City (GCT)08:10 PM08:15 PM5 Mins1622 Kilometers
26Varanasi Jn (BSB)10:45 PM11:00 PM15 Mins1697 Kilometers
27Faizabad Jn (FD)02:20 AM02:22 AM2 Mins1892 Kilometers
28Lucknow (LKO)06:00 AM06:10 AM10 Mins2020 Kilometers
29Shahjehanpur (SPN)08:34 AM08:36 AM2 Mins2184 Kilometers
30Bareilly (BE)09:31 AM09:33 AM2 Mins2255 Kilometers
31Moradabad (MB)11:00 AM11:10 AM10 Mins2346 Kilometers
32Saharanpur (SRE)02:25 PM02:50 PM25 Mins2538 Kilometers
33Ambala Cant Jn (UMB)04:05 PM04:15 PM10 Mins2619 Kilometers
34Ludhiana Jn (LDH)05:55 PM06:05 PM10 Mins2733 Kilometers
35Jalandhar City (JUC)07:00 PM07:10 PM10 Mins2790 Kilometers
36Beas (BEAS)08:03 PM08:05 PM2 Mins2826 Kilometers
37Amritsar Jn (ASR)09:00 PMDestinationDestination2868 Kilometers
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