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/59715 Time Table - Runs from FL/Phulera Jn to RE/Rewari - Raildb.com
Runs On:

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Phulera Jn
1Phulera Jn (FL)Source03:30 AMSource0 Kilometers
2Peeplee Ka Bas (PKBS)03:38 AM03:39 AM1 Mins5 Kilometers
3Khandel (KNDL)03:45 AM03:46 AM1 Mins10 Kilometers
4Sanodiya (SFE)03:54 AM03:55 AM1 Mins17 Kilometers
5Bheslana (BILA)04:02 AM04:03 AM1 Mins23 Kilometers
6Mindha (MNHA)04:10 AM04:11 AM1 Mins28 Kilometers
7Renwal (RNW)04:18 AM04:19 AM1 Mins34 Kilometers
8Pacharmalikpura (PCMK)04:28 AM04:29 AM1 Mins41 Kilometers
9Badhal (BDHL)04:38 AM04:39 AM1 Mins48 Kilometers
10Kishan Manpura (KMNP)04:47 AM04:48 AM1 Mins56 Kilometers
11Ringas Jn (RGS)05:01 AM05:05 AM4 Mins66 Kilometers
12Shri Madhopur (SMPR)05:14 AM05:15 AM1 Mins76 Kilometers
13Khachera (KHRA)05:25 AM05:26 AM1 Mins86 Kilometers
14Kanwat (KAWT)05:34 AM05:35 AM1 Mins93 Kilometers
15Bhagega (BAGA)05:45 AM05:46 AM1 Mins104 Kilometers
16Nim Ka Thana (NMK)05:55 AM05:56 AM1 Mins113 Kilometers
17Maonda (MADA)06:06 AM06:07 AM1 Mins122 Kilometers
18Jhilo (JLLO)06:15 AM06:16 AM1 Mins130 Kilometers
19Dabla (DBLA)06:24 AM06:25 AM1 Mins138 Kilometers
20Nizampur (NIP)06:35 AM06:36 AM1 Mins149 Kilometers
21Amarpur Jorasi (APJ)06:43 AM06:44 AM1 Mins155 Kilometers
22Narnaul (NNL)06:53 AM06:54 AM1 Mins163 Kilometers
23Mirzapur Bachhaud (MBV)07:04 AM07:05 AM1 Mins170 Kilometers
24Ateli (AEL)07:12 AM07:13 AM1 Mins177 Kilometers
25Kathuwas (KTWS)07:22 AM07:23 AM1 Mins187 Kilometers
26Kund (KUND)07:29 AM07:30 AM1 Mins192 Kilometers
27Khori (KORI)07:45 AM07:46 AM1 Mins204 Kilometers
28Rewari (RE)08:30 AMDestinationDestination215 Kilometers
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