Re-mtc Passenger (54411)
Runs between: Rewari Jn. to Meerut Cant

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Rewari Jn.
1 (RE)Source02:55 PMSource0 KMs
2 (KWMD)03:04 PM03:05 PM Mins6 KMs
3 (KIP)03:11 PM03:12 PM Mins11 KMs
4 (IHP)03:19 PM03:20 PM Mins17 KMs
5 (PTRD)03:26 PM03:27 PM Mins21 KMs
6 (JSKA)03:33 PM03:34 PM Mins26 KMs
7 (TNJR)03:39 PM03:40 PM Mins29 KMs
8 (PT)03:45 PM03:46 PM Mins33 KMs
9 (GHH)03:55 PM03:56 PM Mins41 KMs
10 (BDXT)04:03 PM04:04 PM Mins47 KMs
11 (GGN)04:09 PM04:10 PM Mins51 KMs
12 (BWSN)04:19 PM04:20 PM Mins58 KMs
13 (SMDP)04:25 PM04:26 PM Mins61 KMs
14 (PM)04:31 PM04:32 PM Mins64 KMs
15 (DEC)04:38 PM04:40 PM Mins68 KMs
16 (PTNR)04:54 PM04:55 PM Mins74 KMs
17 (DBSI)05:01 PM05:02 PM Mins76 KMs
18 (VVKP)05:06 PM05:07 PM Mins77 KMs
19 (DKZ)05:13 PM05:14 PM Mins79 KMs
20 (DSB)05:22 PM05:23 PM Mins81 KMs
21 (NDLS)05:40 PM06:15 PM Mins83 KMs
22 (CSB)06:19 PM06:20 PM Mins84 KMs
23 (TKJ)06:23 PM06:24 PM Mins85 KMs
24 (MWC)06:32 PM06:33 PM Mins92 KMs
25 (ANVR)06:37 PM06:38 PM Mins96 KMs
26 (CNJ)06:40 PM06:41 PM Mins98 KMs
27 (SBB)06:47 PM06:48 PM Mins102 KMs
28 (GZB)07:10 PM07:12 PM Mins108 KMs
29 (GZN)07:21 PM07:22 PM Mins114 KMs
30 (GUH)07:28 PM07:29 PM Mins118 KMs
31 (DXH)07:34 PM07:35 PM Mins122 KMs
32 (MUD)07:42 PM07:43 PM Mins126 KMs
33 (MDNR)07:54 PM07:55 PM Mins136 KMs
34 (MUZ)08:04 PM08:05 PM Mins144 KMs
35 (PRTP)08:12 PM08:13 PM Mins149 KMs
36 (MTC)08:24 PM08:26 PM Mins156 KMs
37 (MUT)08:40 PMDestinationDestination160 KMs
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