Saurashtra Mail (19006)
Runs between: Okha to Mumbai Central

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Okha
1 (OKHA)Source12:25 PMSource0 KMs
2 (MTHP)12:36 PM12:37 PM Mins9 KMs
3 (DWK)12:58 PM01:03 PM Mins28 KMs
4 (BHTA)01:39 PM01:40 PM Mins70 KMs
5 (KMBL)02:21 PM02:26 PM Mins113 KMs
6 (KNLS)02:52 PM02:53 PM Mins140 KMs
7 (JAM)03:35 PM03:40 PM Mins167 KMs
8 (HAPA)03:50 PM03:52 PM Mins176 KMs
9 (ALB)04:04 PM04:05 PM Mins186 KMs
10 (WTJ)04:17 PM04:18 PM Mins197 KMs
11 (PDH)04:42 PM04:43 PM Mins227 KMs
12 (RJT)05:15 PM05:45 PM Mins252 KMs
13 (WKR)06:25 PM06:30 PM Mins293 KMs
14 (THAN)06:54 PM06:56 PM Mins320 KMs
15 (SUNR)07:34 PM07:39 PM Mins368 KMs
16 (LTR)07:57 PM07:58 PM Mins389 KMs
17 (VG)09:05 PM09:07 PM Mins432 KMs
18 (SAU)09:38 PM09:40 PM Mins469 KMs
19 (ADI)10:25 PM10:50 PM Mins498 KMs
20 (ND)11:34 PM11:36 PM Mins543 KMs
21 (ANND)11:51 PM11:53 PM Mins562 KMs
22 (BRC)12:42 AM12:47 AM Mins597 KMs
23 (BH)01:34 AM01:36 AM Mins668 KMs
24 (ST)02:30 AM02:35 AM Mins726 KMs
25 (NVS)02:59 AM03:01 AM Mins756 KMs
26 (BL)03:40 AM03:42 AM Mins795 KMs
27 (VAPI)04:05 AM04:07 AM Mins819 KMs
28 (PLG)05:06 AM05:08 AM Mins902 KMs
29 (BVI)06:02 AM06:07 AM Mins959 KMs
30 (DDR)06:37 AM06:42 AM Mins983 KMs
31 (BCT)07:10 AMDestinationDestination989 KMs
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