Nagarcoil Express (16339)
Runs between: Mumbai Cst to Nagercoil Jn

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Mumbai Cst
1Mumbai Cst (CSTM)12:00 AM12:05 PM725 Mins0.0 Kilometers
2Mumbai Dadar Central (DR)12:18 PM12:20 PM2 Mins9.0 Kilometers
3Thane (TNA)12:43 PM12:45 PM2 Mins33.0 Kilometers
4Kalyan Jn (KYN)01:05 PM01:10 PM5 Mins53.0 Kilometers
5Karjat (KJT)01:48 PM01:50 PM2 Mins100.0 Kilometers
6Lonavala (LNL)02:38 PM02:40 PM2 Mins129.0 Kilometers
7Pune Jn (PUNE)03:45 PM03:50 PM5 Mins192.0 Kilometers
8Daund Jn (DD)05:00 PM05:05 PM5 Mins268.0 Kilometers
9Kurduvadi (KWV)06:58 PM07:00 PM2 Mins376.0 Kilometers
10Solapur Jn (SUR)08:15 PM08:25 PM10 Mins455.0 Kilometers
11Gulbarga (GR)10:28 PM10:30 PM2 Mins567.0 Kilometers
12Shahabad (SDB)10:59 PM11:00 PM1 Mins594.0 Kilometers
13Wadi (WADI)11:25 PM11:30 PM5 Mins604.0 Kilometers
14Yadgir (YG)11:59 PM12:02 AM1437 Mins643.0 Kilometers
15Raichur (RC)01:08 AM01:10 AM2 Mins712.0 Kilometers
16Manthralayam Rd (MALM)01:48 AM01:50 AM2 Mins740.0 Kilometers
17Adoni (AD)02:43 AM02:45 AM2 Mins782.0 Kilometers
18Guntakal Jn (GTL)04:00 AM04:05 AM5 Mins833.0 Kilometers
19Gooty Jn (GY)04:48 AM04:50 AM2 Mins862.0 Kilometers
20Anantapur (ATP)05:48 AM05:50 AM2 Mins919.0 Kilometers
21Dharmavaram Jn (DMM)06:55 AM07:00 AM5 Mins952.0 Kilometers
22Hindupur (HUP)08:18 AM08:20 AM2 Mins1032.0 Kilometers
23Krishnarajapuram (KJM)10:25 AM10:30 AM5 Mins1131.0 Kilometers
24Bangarapet (BWT)11:55 AM12:05 PM10 Mins1187.0 Kilometers
25Kuppam (KPN)12:33 PM12:35 PM2 Mins1221.0 Kilometers
26Tirupattur Jn (TPT)02:13 PM02:15 PM2 Mins1263.0 Kilometers
27Salem Jn (SA)03:40 PM03:45 PM5 Mins1376.0 Kilometers
28Erode Jn (ED)05:00 PM05:10 PM10 Mins1437.0 Kilometers
29Karur (KRR)06:22 PM06:25 PM3 Mins1502.0 Kilometers
30Dindigul Jn (DG)07:50 PM07:55 PM5 Mins1576.0 Kilometers
31Kodaikanal Road (KQN)08:14 PM08:15 PM1 Mins1599.0 Kilometers
32Madurai Jn (MDU)08:55 PM09:00 PM5 Mins1639.0 Kilometers
33Virudunagar Jn (VPT)10:23 PM10:25 PM2 Mins1682.0 Kilometers
34Satur (SRT)10:43 PM10:45 PM2 Mins1709.0 Kilometers
35Kovilpatti (CVP)11:03 PM11:05 PM2 Mins1731.0 Kilometers
36Vanchimaniyachi (MEJ)11:40 PM11:41 PM1 Mins1767.0 Kilometers
37Tirunelveli (TEN)01:25 AM01:30 AM5 Mins1795.0 Kilometers
38Nanguneri (NNN)01:58 AM02:00 AM2 Mins1824.0 Kilometers
39Valliyur (VLY)02:13 AM02:15 AM2 Mins1838.0 Kilometers
40Nagercoil Jn (NCJ)03:15 AM12:00 AM195 Mins1870.0 Kilometers
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