Satyagrah Express (15274)
Runs between: Delhi Jn. to Raxaul Jn.

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Delhi Jn.
1Anand Vihar Trm (ANVT)12:00 AM05:25 PM0 Mins0 KMs
2 (DLI)Source05:15 PMSource0 KMs
3 (DSA)05:33 PM05:35 PM Mins6 KMs
4Sahibabad (SBB)05:44 PM05:46 PM2 Mins13 KMs
5Ghaziabad (GZB)06:05 PM06:08 PM2 Mins19 KMs
6Pilkhua (PKW)06:33 PM06:35 PM2 Mins45 KMs
7Hapur (HPU)06:50 PM06:52 PM2 Mins56 KMs
8Garhmuktesar (GMS)07:14 PM07:16 PM2 Mins86 KMs
9Gajraula Jn (GJL)07:38 PM07:40 PM2 Mins107 KMs
10Amroha (AMRO)08:00 PM08:02 PM2 Mins130 KMs
11Moradabad (MB)08:50 PM09:00 PM8 Mins160 KMs
12Rampur (RMU)09:29 PM09:32 PM2 Mins188 KMs
13 (DAN)10:07 PM10:09 PM Mins227 KMs
14Bareilly (BE)11:28 PM11:35 PM5 Mins251 KMs
15Bilpur (BLPU)12:04 AM12:06 AM2 Mins287 KMs
16Shahjehanpur (SPN)12:45 AM12:48 AM2 Mins322 KMs
17Roza Jn (ROZA)12:58 AM01:00 AM2 Mins329 KMs
18Sitapur City (SPC)02:30 AM02:38 AM5 Mins408 KMs
19Sitapur Cant (SCC)03:00 AM03:10 AM10 Mins413 KMs
20Biswan (BVN)03:40 AM03:42 AM2 Mins447 KMs
21Mahmudabad Avdh (MMB)04:03 AM04:05 AM2 Mins473 KMs
22Tahsil Fatehpur (TSF)04:20 AM04:22 AM2 Mins489 KMs
23Burhwal (BUW)04:55 AM05:00 AM5 Mins511 KMs
24Jarwal Road (JLD)05:19 AM05:20 AM2 Mins526 KMs
25Colonelganj (CLJ)05:41 AM05:43 AM2 Mins543 KMs
26Gonda Jn (GD)06:25 AM06:30 AM5 Mins572 KMs
27Mankapur Jn (MUR)06:54 AM06:56 AM2 Mins600 KMs
28Maskanwa (MSW)07:10 AM07:12 AM2 Mins614 KMs
29Babhnan (BV)07:25 AM07:27 AM2 Mins630 KMs
30Basti (BST)07:50 AM07:55 AM3 Mins661 KMs
31Khalilabad (KLD)08:33 AM08:35 AM2 Mins691 KMs
32Gorakhpur Jn (GKP)10:10 AM10:30 AM15 Mins725 KMs
33Pipraich (PPC)10:57 AM10:59 AM2 Mins745 KMs
34Kaptanganj Jn (CPJ)11:38 AM11:44 AM6 Mins764 KMs
35Ghughuli (GH)11:58 AM12:00 PM2 Mins779 KMs
36Siswa Bazar (SBZ)12:11 PM12:13 PM2 Mins790 KMs
37Khada (KZA)12:35 PM12:37 PM2 Mins805 KMs
38Paniahwa (PNYA)12:53 PM12:55 PM2 Mins811 KMs
39Bagaha (BUG)01:25 PM01:30 PM5 Mins834 KMs
40Bhairoganj (BRU)01:45 PM01:47 PM2 Mins852 KMs
41Harinagar (HIR)01:58 PM02:00 PM2 Mins860 KMs
42Narkatiaganj Jn (NKE)02:20 PM02:25 PM5 Mins875 KMs
43Chanpatia (CAI)02:48 PM02:50 PM2 Mins895 KMs
44Bettiah (BTH)03:08 PM03:10 PM5 Mins912 KMs
45Majhowlia (MJL)03:19 PM03:21 PM2 Mins921 KMs
46Sagauli Jn (SGL)03:35 PM03:40 PM5 Mins934 KMs
47Ramgarhwa (RGH)03:53 PM03:55 PM2 Mins949 KMs
48Raxaul Jn (RXL)04:45 PMDestinationDestination963 KMs
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