Rjpb Ltt Express (13201)
Runs between: Rejendranagar Terminal to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Rejendranagar Terminal
1 (INDB)12:00 AM01:00 PM Mins0 KMs
2Rajendranagar T (RJPB)Source11:30 PMSource0 KMs
3Patna Jn (PNBE)11:45 PM11:55 PM10 Mins2 KMs
4Danapur (DNR)12:10 AM12:12 AM2 Mins12 KMs
5Sadisopur (SDE)12:21 AM12:22 AM2 Mins24 KMs
6Bihta (BTA)12:29 AM12:31 AM2 Mins29 KMs
7 (DWX)01:52 PM01:54 PM Mins38 KMs
8Ara (ARA)12:53 AM12:58 AM5 Mins51 KMs
9 (RCJ)02:11 PM02:12 PM Mins59 KMs
10Bihiya (BEA)01:11 AM01:13 AM2 Mins72 KMs
11 (MKC)02:51 PM02:53 PM Mins74 KMs
12 (BCH)03:09 PM03:11 PM Mins94 KMs
13 (KSH)03:23 PM03:24 PM Mins105 KMs
14Buxar (BXR)01:46 AM01:51 AM5 Mins120 KMs
15 (AKD)03:41 PM03:42 PM Mins123 KMs
16Chausa (CSA)01:59 AM02:01 AM2 Mins130 KMs
17 (SJP)03:55 PM03:57 PM Mins137 KMs
18Gahmar (GMR)02:13 AM02:15 AM1 Mins140 KMs
19 (KPP)04:10 PM04:11 PM Mins149 KMs
20Dildarnagar Jn (DLN)02:38 AM02:40 AM2 Mins156 KMs
21Zamania (ZNA)02:50 AM02:52 AM2 Mins169 KMs
22 (SEH)04:35 PM04:37 PM Mins178 KMs
23 (BIH)05:26 PM05:28 PM Mins207 KMs
24Mughal Sarai Jn (MGS)04:12 AM04:22 AM10 Mins214 KMs
25 (BPL)06:00 PM06:15 PM Mins217 KMs
26 (HBJ)06:25 PM06:27 PM Mins223 KMs
27Ahraura Road (ARW)04:44 AM04:45 AM2 Mins228 KMs
28 (MSO)06:35 PM06:36 PM Mins229 KMs
29Kailahat (KYT)04:56 AM04:58 AM2 Mins237 KMs
30 (MDDP)06:46 PM06:48 PM Mins239 KMs
31Chunar (CAR)05:10 AM05:12 AM2 Mins246 KMs
32 (ODG)06:58 PM07:00 PM Mins253 KMs
33 (BKA)07:10 PM07:12 PM Mins264 KMs
34Mirzapur (MZP)05:40 AM05:45 AM5 Mins278 KMs
35 (BNI)07:43 PM07:45 PM Mins284 KMs
36Vindhyachal (BDL)05:54 AM05:56 AM2 Mins285 KMs
37 (HBD)07:53 PM07:55 PM Mins291 KMs
38 (PRKD)08:03 PM08:05 PM Mins300 KMs
39Manda Road (MNF)06:18 AM06:20 AM2 Mins312 KMs
40 (KRTH)09:18 PM09:20 PM Mins319 KMs
41Meja Road (MJA)06:41 AM06:43 AM2 Mins329 KMs
42 (TAKU)09:39 PM09:40 PM Mins331 KMs
43 (SAHL)09:44 PM09:45 PM Mins335 KMs
44 (KQE)09:54 PM09:55 PM Mins342 KMs
45 (ACOI)08:20 AM08:40 AM Mins354 KMs
46 (DOH)10:14 PM10:15 PM Mins356 KMs
47Cheoki (COI)08:20 AM08:40 AM20 Mins358 KMs
48 (MGRD)10:19 PM10:20 PM Mins361 KMs
49 (ALD)07:58 AM08:25 AM Mins362 KMs
50 (BBTR)10:34 PM10:35 PM Mins367 KMs
51 (NYN)08:45 AM08:48 AM Mins370 KMs
52 (GDYA)10:44 PM10:45 PM Mins379 KMs
53Shankargarh (SRJ)09:09 AM09:11 AM2 Mins401 KMs
54 (MJY)11:19 PM11:20 PM Mins407 KMs
55 (BZU)11:33 PM11:35 PM Mins415 KMs
56 (MALK)11:44 PM11:45 PM Mins422 KMs
57 (BYS)11:54 PM11:55 PM Mins428 KMs
58Dabhaura (DBR)09:43 AM09:45 AM2 Mins434 KMs
59 (AMLA)12:30 AM01:10 AM Mins438 KMs
60 (LLD)01:24 AM01:25 AM Mins445 KMs
61 (JMV)01:31 AM01:33 AM Mins452 KMs
62Manikpur (MKP)10:45 AM10:50 AM5 Mins457 KMs
63 (BCRD)01:41 AM01:43 AM Mins458 KMs
64 (BXY)01:50 AM01:51 AM Mins465 KMs
65 (BQM)02:00 AM02:02 AM Mins475 KMs
66 (NVG)02:13 AM02:14 AM Mins481 KMs
67 (MKDN)02:24 AM02:26 AM Mins490 KMs
68Majhagawan (MJG)11:19 AM11:20 AM2 Mins493 KMs
69 (HRG)02:31 AM02:32 AM Mins496 KMs
70 (JNO)02:46 AM02:47 AM Mins506 KMs
71Jaitwar (JTW)11:38 AM11:40 AM2 Mins514 KMs
72 (PCLI)03:00 AM03:01 AM Mins514 KMs
73 (IKR)03:09 AM03:10 AM Mins519 KMs
74 (PUX)03:19 AM03:21 AM Mins525 KMs
75 (KUX)03:25 AM03:26 AM Mins532 KMs
76Satna (STA)12:10 PM12:20 PM10 Mins534 KMs
77 (GNW)03:49 AM03:50 AM Mins540 KMs
78 (CWA)04:30 AM12:00 AM Mins553 KMs
79Maihar (MYR)12:43 PM12:45 PM2 Mins569 KMs
80Jukehi (JKE)01:18 PM01:20 PM2 Mins615 KMs
81Katni (KTE)01:45 PM01:50 PM5 Mins632 KMs
82Sihora Road (SHR)02:28 PM02:30 PM2 Mins685 KMs
83Jabalpur (JBP)03:10 PM03:20 PM10 Mins723 KMs
84Madan Mahal (MML)03:26 PM03:28 PM2 Mins726 KMs
85Shridham (SRID)04:01 PM04:03 PM2 Mins776 KMs
86Narsinghpur (NU)04:34 PM04:36 PM2 Mins807 KMs
87Kareli (KY)04:51 PM04:53 PM2 Mins823 KMs
88Gadarwara (GAR)05:13 PM05:15 PM2 Mins851 KMs
89Salichauka Road (SCKR)05:26 PM05:28 PM2 Mins865 KMs
90Bankhedi (BKH)05:41 PM05:43 PM2 Mins882 KMs
91Pipariya (PPI)05:58 PM06:00 PM2 Mins901 KMs
92Sohagpur (SGP)06:15 PM06:17 PM2 Mins919 KMs
93Bagra Tawa (BGTA)06:34 PM06:36 PM2 Mins942 KMs
94Itarsi Jn (ET)08:35 PM08:45 PM10 Mins968 KMs
95Banapura (BPF)09:09 PM09:11 PM2 Mins1001 KMs
96Timarni (TBN)09:33 PM09:35 PM2 Mins1029 KMs
97Harda (HD)09:49 PM09:51 PM2 Mins1044 KMs
98Khirkiya (KKN)10:16 PM10:18 PM1 Mins1075 KMs
99Chhanera (CAER)10:41 PM10:43 PM2 Mins1106 KMs
100Talvadya (TLV)11:43 PM11:45 PM2 Mins1136 KMs
101Khandwa (KNW)12:30 AM12:35 AM5 Mins1151 KMs
102Nepanagar (NPNR)01:04 AM01:05 AM1 Mins1194 KMs
103Burhanpur (BAU)01:24 AM01:25 AM1 Mins1220 KMs
104Raver (RV)01:44 AM01:45 AM1 Mins1241 KMs
105Bhusaval Jn (BSL)02:25 AM02:35 AM10 Mins1275 KMs
106Jalgaon Jn (JL)02:59 AM03:00 AM1 Mins1299 KMs
107Chalisgaon Jn (CSN)03:54 AM03:55 AM1 Mins1392 KMs
108Nandgaon (NGN)04:24 AM04:25 AM1 Mins1434 KMs
109Manmad Jn (MMR)04:52 AM04:55 AM3 Mins1459 KMs
110Lasalgaon (LS)05:14 AM05:15 AM1 Mins1484 KMs
111Niphad (NR)05:29 AM05:30 AM1 Mins1501 KMs
112Nasik Road (NK)06:25 AM06:30 AM5 Mins1532 KMs
113Devlali (DVL)06:39 AM06:40 AM1 Mins1538 KMs
114Igatpuri (IGP)08:20 AM08:25 AM5 Mins1583 KMs
115Kasara (KSRA)09:08 AM09:10 AM2 Mins1598 KMs
116Kalyan Jn (KYN)10:20 AM10:25 AM5 Mins1666 KMs
117Thane (TNA)10:48 AM10:50 AM3 Mins1686 KMs
118Lokmanyatilak T (LTT)11:30 AMDestinationDestination1703 KMs
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