Goldentemple Ml (12903)
Runs between: Mumbai Central to Amritsar Jn.

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Mumbai Central
1 (BCT)Source09:30 PMSource0 KMs
2Mumbai Central (MMCT)12:00 AM09:25 PM0 Mins0 KMs
3Borivali (BVI)10:06 PM10:09 PM2 Mins29 KMs
4Surat (ST)01:10 AM01:15 AM5 Mins262 KMs
5Vadodara Jn (BRC)02:55 AM03:05 AM10 Mins391 KMs
6Godhra Jn (GDA)04:10 AM04:12 AM2 Mins463 KMs
7Dahod (DHD)05:07 AM05:09 AM2 Mins538 KMs
8Meghnagar (MGN)05:31 AM05:33 AM2 Mins571 KMs
9Ratlam Jn (RTM)07:00 AM07:20 AM10 Mins653 KMs
10Nagda Jn (NAD)08:13 AM08:15 AM2 Mins697 KMs
11Shamgarh (SGZ)09:12 AM09:15 AM1 Mins789 KMs
12Bhawani Mandi (BWM)09:39 AM09:40 AM2 Mins822 KMs
13Kota Jn (KOTA)11:00 AM11:05 AM10 Mins922 KMs
14Sawai Madhopur (SWM)12:25 PM12:30 PM5 Mins1030 KMs
15Gangapur City (GGC)01:23 PM01:25 PM2 Mins1094 KMs
16Shri Mahabirji (SMBJ)01:48 PM01:50 PM2 Mins1128 KMs
17Hindaun City (HAN)02:00 PM02:02 PM2 Mins1138 KMs
18Bayana Jn (BXN)02:33 PM02:34 PM1 Mins1171 KMs
19Bharatpur Jn (BTE)03:03 PM03:04 PM1 Mins1213 KMs
20Mathura Jn (MTJ)04:15 PM04:20 PM5 Mins1246 KMs
21Faridabad (FDB)06:04 PM06:06 PM2 Mins1359 KMs
22H Nizamuddin (NZM)06:45 PM07:15 PM15 Mins1380 KMs
23Ghaziabad (GZB)08:13 PM08:15 PM2 Mins1407 KMs
24Meerut City (MTC)09:09 PM09:17 PM5 Mins1455 KMs
25Meerut Cant (MUT)09:19 PM09:25 PM1 Mins1459 KMs
26Muzaffarnagar (MOZ)10:11 PM10:13 PM2 Mins1510 KMs
27Saharanpur (SRE)11:15 PM11:25 PM10 Mins1568 KMs
28 (JUD)11:52 PM11:54 PM Mins1598 KMs
29Yamunanagar Jud (YJUD)11:52 PM11:55 PM2 Mins1598 KMs
30Ambala Cant Jn (UMB)12:50 AM01:00 AM10 Mins1649 KMs
31Ludhiana Jn (LDH)03:03 AM03:13 AM10 Mins1763 KMs
32Phagwara Jn (PGW)03:41 AM03:43 AM2 Mins1799 KMs
33Jalandhar Cant (JRC)03:57 AM03:59 AM2 Mins1815 KMs
34Jalandhar City (JUC)04:15 AM04:20 AM5 Mins1820 KMs
35Beas (BEAS)04:52 AM04:54 AM2 Mins1856 KMs
36Amritsar Jn (ASR)05:45 AMDestinationDestination1899 KMs
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