Shramjevi N Express (12392)
Runs between: New Delhi to Rajgir

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from New Delhi
1New Delhi (NDLS)Source01:15 PMSource0.0 Kilometers
2Ghaziabad (GZB)01:53 PM01:55 PM2 Mins25.0 Kilometers
3Moradabad (MB)03:55 PM04:05 PM10 Mins166.0 Kilometers
4Bareilly (BE)05:28 PM05:33 PM5 Mins256.0 Kilometers
5Shahjehanpur (SPN)06:37 PM06:42 PM5 Mins327.0 Kilometers
6Lucknow (LKO)09:15 PM09:30 PM15 Mins492.0 Kilometers
7Nihalgarh (NHH)10:47 PM10:49 PM2 Mins581.0 Kilometers
8Musafir Khana (MFKA)11:05 PM11:06 PM1 Mins600.0 Kilometers
9Sultanpur (SLN)11:40 PM11:42 PM2 Mins631.0 Kilometers
10Jaunpur City (JOP)12:45 AM12:47 AM2 Mins717.0 Kilometers
11Varanasi Jn (BSB)02:25 AM02:40 AM15 Mins774.0 Kilometers
12Mughal Sarai Jn (MGS)03:35 AM03:50 AM15 Mins791.0 Kilometers
13Dildarnagar Jn (DLN)04:36 AM04:38 AM2 Mins849.0 Kilometers
14Gahmar (GMR)04:53 AM04:55 AM2 Mins865.0 Kilometers
15Buxar (BXR)05:06 AM05:08 AM2 Mins885.0 Kilometers
16Dumraon (DURE)05:20 AM05:22 AM2 Mins901.0 Kilometers
17Ara (ARA)05:58 AM06:00 AM2 Mins953.0 Kilometers
18Bihta (BTA)06:20 AM06:22 AM2 Mins975.0 Kilometers
19Danapur (DNR)06:54 AM06:56 AM2 Mins993.0 Kilometers
20Phulwari Sharif (PWS)07:01 AM07:02 AM1 Mins996.0 Kilometers
21Patna Jn (PNBE)07:20 AM07:30 AM10 Mins1002.0 Kilometers
22Rajendra Nagar Bihar (RJPB)07:37 AM07:39 AM2 Mins1005.0 Kilometers
23Patna Saheb (PNC)07:48 AM07:50 AM2 Mins1012.0 Kilometers
24Fatwa (FUT)08:00 AM08:02 AM2 Mins1024.0 Kilometers
25Khusropur (KOO)08:10 AM08:12 AM2 Mins1033.0 Kilometers
26Bakhtiyarpur Jn (BKP)08:30 AM08:32 AM2 Mins1047.0 Kilometers
27Harnaut (HRT)08:41 AM08:43 AM2 Mins1058.0 Kilometers
28Wena (WENA)08:52 AM08:54 AM2 Mins1063.0 Kilometers
29Bihar Sharif (BEHS)09:13 AM09:15 AM2 Mins1077.0 Kilometers
30Pawapuri Road (PQE)09:25 AM09:27 AM2 Mins1083.0 Kilometers
31Nalanda (NLD)09:35 AM09:37 AM2 Mins1090.0 Kilometers
32Silao (SILO)09:44 AM09:46 AM2 Mins1095.0 Kilometers
33Rajgir (RGD)10:10 AMDestinationDestination1101.0 Kilometers
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